Stoke, Arthur


DOB: 06 Apr 1879, Rome, Crawford PA; Died: 18 Dec 1949, Rome, Crawford, PA; Parents: John H and Mary Ann McCurdy Stoke; Never married

Stoke, Mary Ann McCurdy


DOB: 17 Sep 1840; Died: 3 Mar 1924; Spouse: John H. Stoke; Children: Charles, James, Fred, Cora, Martha, Robert, Arthur

Stokes, John H

Gravestone Last name marker

DOB: 21 Feb 1844; Died: 15 Mar 1925; Spouse: Mary Ann McCurdy (1840-1924); Children: Charles, James, Fred, Cora, Martha, Robert, Arthur

Miller, James Alan

Born Dec.13 1950 Died April 27 2012, Born to Clair Miller of Hawthorn,PA and Ester Frank of Renoldsville, PA.  read more »

Cregg, George Wm.

George Cregg born 4 July 1846 in the State of New York, died 20 June 1917, Linesville. He married Isabel B Briggs 17 April 1872: to this union was born eight children five of whom survive.  read more »

Curtiss, Alfred

Erie Saturday Evening Gazette – March 17, 1888
Death of an Old Pioneer  read more »

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