How the Meadville, Pa. Hamilton's are related to Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Treasurer.


How the Hamilton's of Meadville, Pennsylvania are related to Alexander Hamilton Treasurer.

John, Thomas and Alexander were brothers. Their parents were James Hamilton and Susanna Newman.
Brothers John, Thomas, and Alexander were 3rd cousins to Alexander Hamilton Treasurer.
James married to Susanna Newman was second cousin to James married to Rachel Faucett Lavien, the Treasurer's parents.
" father John and " father Alexander were cousins.
" father was Alexander " father was John were brothers.
Their parents were John Hamilton and Elizabeth Crauford from Scotland.
My mother told me when I was a teenager that we were related to the Treasurer Alexander Hamilton and that we had a relative who was a cousin. Nothing was written down. I did this research with the help of a distant cousin I met on the internet. The story was passed down in her family too.
Thomas son was James Hamilton married to Mary Agnes Logue, Meadville, Pa.
Alexander was one of the founders of Edinboro, Erie County, Pa.
John was married to Mary Pierson.


This is not true The

This is not true

The Meadville Hamilton line ends with James Hamilton born in in circa 1695.He came to the U.S. from northern Ireland, the area of The Hamilton Plantations AKA, Ulster

There are no records ,wills or other documents that mention a parents name
Also the Hamilton DNA shows the Meadville Line is not related to the Hamiltons that come from Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill.

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