Speakman, Otto A.


O.A. Speakman
By Vicky Moon 2012

1930 United States Federal Census - Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Name: O A Speakman, age 57, Postmaster, married at age 22.
Gender: Male
Birth Year: abt 1873
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Race: White
Home in 1930: Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Nellie B. Speakman, married at age 19.
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania

1920 United States Federal Census - Miami, Dade, Florida
Name: Otto A Speakman, age 47, merchant drug business
Age: 47
Birth Year: abt. 1873
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1920: Miami, Dade, Florida
Race: White
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Nellie B Speakman, age 44
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home Owned: Rent
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Household Members:
Ruth E. Speakman 29
Raymond Speakman 22, son
Christine Marshall 77 mother in law, NY

1900 United States Federal Census - Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Name: Otto A Speakman, 27, window trimmer
Birth Date: Apr 1873
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1900: Allegheny Ward 2, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Nellie B. Speakman, 25
Marriage Year: 1894
Years Married: 6
Reginald Speakman 4
Raymond Speakman 2
Ruth E Speakman 3/12

Otto A. Speakman’s parents

1880 United States Federal Census - Logan, Mitchell, Kansas
Jas. (James Stephen) S. Speakman 36, born in Adams County Pennsylvania October 12, 1843, died May 8, 1935 age 91. He is buried Sewickley, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He was a Laborer. In 1870 he resided in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Flora J. Speakman 32, maiden name Boyce born in Pennsylvania September 22, 1849. Flora died September 25, 1938. She is buried in Logan, Mitchell County, Kansas. I found this on the internet: Flora’s family: John Boyce was born on 30 April 1826. About 1847 or 1848 he married Sarah Ann Zuck, daughter of David and Esther Miller Zuck. This family lived in 1850 in Mt. Pleasant, Pa., where John Boyce worked as a brick maker. Between 1848 and 1856 they had 5 children; Flora Jane Boyce, born in 1848, Isura K. Boyce, born in 1850, William Mansfield Boyce, born in 1852, D.T. Boyce, born in 1854, and Jacob Zuck Boyce, born in 1856. Sometime after Jacob Boyce was born, John Boyce disappeared. Flora Jane Boyce married James Speakman, and they lived in Boston, Pa., then later moved to Ohio, and William Boyce moved somewhere west of Pa.

Laura B. Speakman 14
Cornelius S. Speakman 11
Otta A. Speakman 8
Ella J. Speakman 6
Isaah E. Speakman 5
Sarah E. Speakman 4
Ida F. Speakman 2
Ethel B. Speakman 1

James Stephens Speakman’s parents:

Miller Stephen Speakman born September 7, 1807, in Hunterdon, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. He died April 6, 1884 in Bernard, Lincoln County, Kansas He is buried in Logan, Mitchell County, Kansas.
Mary Copeland born November 22, 1819 and died May 2, 1892.
They moved from Adams County, Pennsylvania to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Mary Copeland’s sister Lydia married William Speakman the brother of Miller Stephen Speakman, Mary’s husband.

Miller Stephen’s parents:

Stephen Speakman, born November 12, 1767, York County, Pennsylvania. He was in the War of 1812. He died January 30, 1849 York County, Pennsylvania.
Elisabeth Burkholder born 1779 and died April 6, 1847.

Stephen Speakman’s parents:

Joshua Speakman born May 30, 1731, London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania and died 1801 Adams County, Pennsylvania. He was a Quaker.
Ann Miller born 1731
Joshua (the youngest son of his parents) and Ann had the following children: Hannah, Susannah, Ebenezer, James, Joanna, Thomas, Stephen and Phebe.
In 1755 Joshua moved his family (only had Hannah at that time) to York County, PA. Later, that portion of York County later became Adams County (Gettysburg area).
Note: Their son Ebenezer Speakman 1758-1835 married Elisabeth Cox 1755-1835. Ebenezer and Elisabeth’s son Jesse Speakman, 1783, Pa. - 1854 Jackson, County, Ohio, was disowned by Quakers. He married a Non-Quaker Sally Smith. They married 2/10/1806 in Bedford County, Virginia. They moved to Jackson County, Ohio after 1820.
Jesse and Sally’s son James Speakman 1806-1892 died in Jackson County, Ohio. James married Malinda Rutherford in 1835. She was born in 1812 in Bedford County, Ohio and died in 1874 in Jackson County, Ohio. James and Malinda’s son Jesse Speakman was born 1836 and married Malinda Jane West in 1858 in Jackson County, Ohio. James and Malinda’s daughter Sarah Jane Speakman 1852-1931 was born in Jackson County, Ohio and died in Liberty twn. Ross County, Ohio. She married William Rutherford.

Joshua’s Speakman’s parents:

Thomas Speakman born January 25, 1690 and died July 15, 1732, London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He departed Gravesend, England August 7, 1712. Sailing from Portsmouth August 8, 1712. He sailed from Plymouth August 21, 1712 on Captain Schoomer’s Ship. He settled in Pennsylvania and bought land in 1722. He was a Minister of “Friends” Quaker.
Ann Brinton Harry born Chester County, Pennsylvania. She died. From the internet I found:
In 1712 Thomas Speakman, a Quaker, sailed from England to Pennsylvania. Thomas Speakman (1690 - 1732 Thomas and Ann had 8 children: William, Hugh, Ann, Thomas, Ebenezer, Micajah and Joshua.

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