Temple, Shirley

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Shirley Temple, Meadville’s Granddaughter
By Vicky Moon

Shirley Temple 1928-2014, not only brought laughter to the Depression, she brightened up every generation after. I watched her movies when I was a teen. One of my hobbies has become a celebrity ancestry researcher since discovering I am blood related to some and related by marriage to others. What caught my eye in searching for Shirley’s ancestry is not that we are related, but that we both had ancestors from Crawford County, Pennsylvania. At least our ancestors might have known each other.

Like me Shirley descends from a French Protestant Walloon, who was in the fabric business. Phillipe Du Trieux, 1586-1653 her 8th great grandfather was a dresser of plush velvet and a worsted dyer who escaped France like many other Walloons seeking religious freedom. In 1638 West India Co. appointed Phillippe court messenger in New Netherlands (New York). My ancestors were Joris and Catalina Rapalje who were from silk weaving families in France. They must have known one another here.

Through Phillippe, Shirley descends from Mariche Flansburgh 1766-1837 her 3rd great grandmother who married Alexander Temple 1750-1828. He and his father John came in 1765 from Scotland on a British vessel to serve English troops but served instead against Great Britain in the Revolutionary war as drummer.

Alexander’s son Reverend Robert Temple, 1796-1888 was born in Tompkins County, New York and in 1818, bought James Parker’s farm in Crawford County. He first served as a Baptist Minister and after as a Unitarian Minister. He played violin, sang, taught music and worked as a carpenter ad joiner as well. My ancestor was James Hamilton (Hamilton Farm) in Meadville, Crawford County. They must have known one another.

Reverend Robert Temple married Jane Dunham and their son Dr. Francis Marian Temple, 1850-1896 was Shirley’s Grandfather. Francis was known as a country doctor who died too young of pneumonia. His widowed wife Cynthia Fell Yeager moved her family to Los Angeles, California. Both she and Francis are buried at Rundell’s Cemetery, Crawford County.

Cynthia and Francis son George 1888-1980 married Gertrude Amelia Krieger, dancer, 1893-1977. Gertrude is in a 1910 census with her mother in Los Angeles, "Maude Krieger 35 b MI/Canada/Canada; Gertrude 16 b IL/IL/MI; Ralph 13 b IL/IL/MI".

George Temple 1888-1980 was a former Marine and became a pro wrestler from 1846-1952. In 1917/18 He lived in Pasadena, California, where he worked as a Bookkeeper for Southern Edison Company. In 1930 he was a bank manager. Shirley Temple was born in Santa Monica, California in 1928.

Although we don’t share the same ancestors we do share the same location of
Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Her Grandmother moved to Los Angeles a few decades before my parents moved to Los Angeles in 1946. If only we knew this years before, but now we know.

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