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Wife of Godfried Bodamer was born June 27, 1853 in Buffalo, NY and died in Titusville, PA August 10, 1925. She was the mother of Frank, Godfried, Caroline, Emma, Catherine, Louis, Anna Margaret, George and Albert Bodamer. She is buried with a flat stone in the middle between Godfried, her husband, and her daughter, Caroline. The records indicate Caroline as the possible wife of Godfried, but this is definitely an error. The stone was not level and was covered with leaves and grass, so was never listed.

Margaret Gerber-Bodamer Info

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On this website there is an obit that may be helpful to you for your above submission.

Margaret is my relative via marriage to Godfried D Bodamer:

Margaret Geber (1853 - 1925)
wife of 3rd great-uncle
Godfried D Bodamer (1846 - 1934)
husband of Margaret Geber
Godfried F BODAMER (1822 - 1893)
father of Godfried D Bodamer
William August BODAMER (1850 - 1910)
son of Godfried F BODAMER
Christopher James BODAMER (1872 - 1939)
son of William August BODAMER
Harry I BODAMER (1903 - 1971)
son of Christopher James BODAMER
Mary Lou BODAMER (1933 - 2000)
daughter of Harry I BODAMER
Kathleen Marie MONTREES
You are the daughter of Mary Lou BODAMER

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