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St Brigid Cemetery

If anyone frequently visits this cemetery, and you have time, I would love to obtain information or pictures of tombstones of anyone with the last name Lener, Sciere, Scere, Belfore.

Sarah Ross born 9 Jul 1803 in Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania

As I follow my "mother line," I have come to brick wall with Sarah Ross. She was born 9 July 1803 in Meadville, and her fahter's name was Francis Ross. In 1826, she married James Walker, and they lived and died in Waterford, Erie, Pennsylvania. Sarah died 30 March 1866 and was buried along with her husband in the Waterford Cemetery in Waterford, Erie Pennsylvania.

If anyone has any information on Sarah, or ideas of how I can find more information about her, I'd really appreciate it.

Nancy López a.k.a. cybergata

mother-line: Nancy Lopez, Eleanor Blair, Mabel Cecilia Atwood, Stella Ann Cole, Celia Walker, Sarah Ross born in Meadville.

William Brooks, d. 1840s, will?

I would like to find out whether William Brooks, listed in the 1840 census for Greenwood twp as a 60-70 year old man living alone, left a will. He does not seem to be in the 1850 census, so I am assuming he died in the 1840s. I believe this is the William Brooks born abt 1773 in Ireland, married Anna/Mary Galbreath about 1798 and had children including David, William M (Jr), Jane and Quinton. I'm hoping to determine whether William and Anna also had a daughter Mary Ann Brooks, who married first Edward Hayward, second a Mr. Calhoun and third David Scowden.

Thanks very much.

Long Family

In researching my 3rd G-Grandmother, Mary LONG, I believe she may have been a resident of Spring, Crawford Co. PA, during the 1830s.

I believe her father was Samuel Long, listed in the 1830 census.
Samuel, b abt 1782 in MA, moved to Spring with his wife Lydia and family from either VT or NY.
Mary, his daughter was born abt 1816 in either VT or NY.
He had several children residing with him. A son, Peter, b. 1808 NH may have been listed with his household.
Another daughter, Sarah, b. abt 1810 NH or VT was married to Lewis WELLS,b.abt 1809 NH-NY, who is listed in the 1840-50 census.

Mary LONG was married abt 1835 to Abner D. JACKSON, b.abt 1814, from Conneaut, PA. Abner was the son of Michael JACKSON, who was one of the original settlers of Albion, formally know as Jackson Crossroad or Corners.

Any help with Mary Long or her family would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Yoours, Dave Johnson

Curtiss found in Hatch Cemetery

I found a list of the surnames in the HATCH CEMETERY in Meadville, PA. One of the names listed was CURTISS. Does anyone know of or have that list? Please let me know. Is it in a book somewhere? Thanks.

Brian Hill Cemetery

I am trying to find out the location of Brian Hill Cemetery. I have 2 relatives who are supposedly buried there, but have been unable to find any record of it. Possibly it has been renamed? Location is probably around Saegertown. I am wondering if the Crawford County Home cemetery was called this at one time?


Peters cemetery

I am looking for relatives named Grossman. I am told they are buried in Peters Cemetery. I find a Peterson Cemetery but not a Peters Cemetery. has its name been changed. It is supposedly on Decksward Run Road. Thank you JoAnne

Sarah Hamilton

Sarah was born about 1838, Meadville, Pa. GRAND DAUGHTER OF JAMES HAMILTON. James also had a daughter named Sarah. My Sarah was his GRAND DAUGHTER.
She married David Bower, born about 1833, Geauga and Trumbull County, OH. I am wondering where they got married?
David was the son of Moses Bower.
Sarah I believe was the daughter of Johnathan Hamilton.
Thank you,

Re: location of cemetery

There is a Briar Hill Cemetery in Hickory Twp., Lawrence Co., might try there. Lawrence Co. is close to Crawford Co.
Good Luck!

Peggy Shrader

Cochranton Cemetary

I am looking for the burial places of my greatgrandfather and mother believed to be buried in the Cochranton Cemetary. Their names are Joseph Elmer Williams ( 1860 - 1936 ) and Sadie Bean Williams (1867 - 1944). A cemetary listing showing their names would be fine; but, email pictures of their gravestone(s) would be greatly appreciated. e-mail address is

Thank you very much

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