Miller, James Alan

kim fredericks

Born Dec.13 1950 Died April 27 2012, Born to Clair Miller of Hawthorn,PA and Ester Frank of Renoldsville, PA. Died of Pancreatic Cancer 6 weeks after diagnosis in his home with his wife Lynn (Coon) Miller. He was a ConneautValley High school student. Vietnam army vet wounded in duty. Father of four, Paul Alan Miller of Springboro,PA. SGT. Matthew Carl Miller of Fort Uestis,Virginia. Kimberly Marie (Miller)Fredericks of Meadville, PA and Prvt.Timothy Ryan Miller of Conneautville,PA. As well as having two step children John Edgell of Conneaut Lake and Jennifer (Edgell)Bailey of Meadville,PA. Jim was a member of the Conneautville fire police and a volunteer fireman of 4 years. He was the third child of 8 consisting of 5 boys and 3 girls. David C. Miller Fisher Rd. Conneautville,Pa.Sandra Hoagland, Conneautville,PA
Elizabeth Simmons, Geneva,PA. Jean Ann Miller Died at 6yrs. Daniel Miller Conneaut,OH.Jack R.Miller,Albion,PA.Richard Miller, Cincinnatti,OH. Jim was an avivid fisher and hunter. Both of which he did with his brothers,sons and eldest grandson Anthony (Garlick) Fredericks.His easy going manner made him very well liked and well known in the area. A farm boy growing up he learned material things were just stuff. The people you keep around you and how you treat them is what makes you wealthy. Rich in family and friends and always surrounded by love is how he lived his life and how he will be remembered by all of us. Always in our hearts Daddy.

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