Titusville Organizations & Societies 1885


Societies.— In few cities of its size are the various fraternal and beneficent societies so well and numerously represented as in Titusville. Almost every order of general extent has its lodge or chapter here.

Chorazin Lodge, No. 507, I.O.O.F., is the oldest in the city, and was organized May 18, 1854. Its charter officers were: J.H. Clement, N.G.; J.G. Burlingham, V.G.; G.E. Brewer, Secretary, and Z. Wade, Treasurer. The lodge has ever since been successfully maintained, and it has at present a membership of eighty-eight. Meetings are held every Wednesday evening. The Odd Fellows’ Hall is a large, well-furnished apartment in the Chase & Stewart Block, and in it many other lodges meet.

Petrolia Encampment, No. 226, I.O.O.F., was organized March 30, 1872. Its initial officers were: W. Riley Weaver, C.P.; N.A. Lamphear, H.P.; George R. Oliver, S.W.; J.S. Merrell, J.W.; J.T. McAninch, S.; F.M. Hills, T.; S.B. Logan, I.S. The present membership is about forty, and regular meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month.

Oil Creek Lodge, No. 303, A.F. & A.M., was chartered December 1, and constituted December 22, 1856. The first meetings were held on the second floor of a frame building which stood on the northwest corner of Washington Street and Cherry Alley. The Masonic Block stands on the southwest corner of Franklin and Spring Streets, and in it the lodge has a sumptuously appareled hall. The charter officers were: Truman Pierce, Master; Jonathan Watson, S.W.; Warner Perry, J.W. The present membership is about 175. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Shepherd Lodge, No. 463, A.F. & A.M.— Oil Creek Lodge becoming too large, it was resolved to organize a second Masonic lodge at Titusville. Accordingly this lodge was chartered March 2, 1870, and constituted April 7, following. Its first officers were: James R. Barber, W.M.; Frederick A. Hall, S.W.; Charles P. Hatch, J.W. The membership is at this writing eighty-one, and regular meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month.

Aaron Chapter, No. 207, R.A.M., was granted a charter May 3, 1866. Its initial officers were: Charles L. Wheeler, H.P.; J.F. Cheshire, King; David Crosley, Scribe. The membership is about 125, and meetings are held on the third Friday of each month.

Rose Croix Commandery, No. 38, K.T., was chartered April 11, 1871, with the following officers: John Ferdig, E.C.; Hezekiah Dunham, Gen.; R.H. Boughton, Jr., C.G.; James R. Barber, Prelate; A.A. Aspinwall, Treasurer; H.B. Cullom, Recorder. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, and the membership is about eighty.

Occident Council, No. 41, R. & S.M., obtained its charter June 13, 1871. Its first officers were: A.A. Aspinwall, T.I.G.M.; J.J. McCrum, D.I.G.M.; James W. Graham, P.C. of W.; R.W. Holbrook, M. of Ex.; A.D. Hetfield, Recorder. The second Thursday of each month is the date of regular meetings, and the council numbers about fifty members.

Cussewago Tribe, No. 163, I.O. of Red Men, received its charter January 17, 1870. It started with thirty members, now reduced to fourteen. The first officers were: W.H.R. Kelty, Sachem; Jacob Aarons, Senior Sagamore; Moses Felleman, Junior Sagamore; E.A. Keene, C. of R.; N. Grossmayer, K. of W. Meetings are held every Tuesday evening. The tribe has a fine hall in the Chase & Stewart Block, wherein six other orders meet.

Titusville City Lodge, No. 291, K. of P., was chartered April 15, 1871, with the following members; Adam Moos, W.L. David, J.D. McFadden, Wilson Smith, N.A. Lanphier, G.S. Rowland, J. Williamson, L.S. Dean and L.B. Stewart. It surrendered its charter in 1877, but was re-organized by ten of the old members in 1879 with the following officers: Thomas Allison, C.C.; Simon Strauss, Jr., V.C.; Thomas Whitby, K. of R. and S.; Robert H. Bailey, K. of F.; John Bentz, K. of Ex.; A.H. Stein, Prelate; John H. Smith, M. at A. The membership is forty-four, and every Friday evening is the time of meeting.

C.S. Chase Post, No. 50, G.A.R., was first organized about 1867, but disbanded a few years later. It was re-organized June 21, 1879, with forty-five members and the following officers: Joseph H. Cogswell, P.C.; William H. Wisner, S.V.C.; C. Marvin Coburn, J.V.C.; Robert P. Halgreen, Adj’t.; Ed W. Bettes, Q.M.; Dr. J.L. Dunn, Surgeon; Norris Crossman, Chaplain; L.L. Shattuck, O.D.; P.N. Robinson, O.G.; E.R. Sherman, S.M.; W.T. Allison, Q.M.S. Subsequent Commanders have been: C.M. Coburn, 1880; L.D. Shattuck, 1881; E.W. Bettes, 1882; W.M. Dame, 1883; J.L. Dunn, 1884. The present membership is 149. Meetings are held each alternate Monday.

Shepherd Lodge, No. 74, A.O.U.W., was chartered May 30, 1874, with the following officers: C.L.A. Shepherd, P.M.W.; W.C. Plummer, M.W.; A.O. Paul, G.F.; E. Parsons, O.; J.A. Mather, Recorder; J.R. Levan, Financier; D.H. Wingart, Receiver; J. Robinson, G.; C.H. Smith, I.W.; A. Robinson, O.W. Meetings are held every Wednesday evening in the C.M.B.A. Hall. The membership is about sixty.

Titusville Union, No. 168, E.A.U., was instituted October 19, 1880, with twenty-two members. Its first officers were: Dr. Theodore J. Young, Pres.; Charles W. Bingham, V.P.; Henry C. Grenner, Sec.; George M. Lyons, Treas.; Mrs. Teresa A. Ackerman, Acc.; Mrs. Susan M. Lyons, Adv.; Edward Pollard, Chan.; Mrs. Harriet N. Pollard, Chap.; Ernest Zeugner, Warden; Mrs. K.L. McDonald, Aux.; Miss Kate Ackerman, Sent.; William Megahey, Watch. The membership is now thirty-nine, and the second and fourth Wednesday of each month the date of meeting.

King Council, No. 15, R.T. of T., was instituted October 26, 1878, with fourteen members. The following were the first officers: D. Ogden, S.C.; William H. McDonald, V.C.; Dr. G.B. Bishop, P.C.; Mrs. E.M. Bishop, Chap.; Sarah A. Miller, Rec. Sec.; Rose Sisney, Treas.; L.D. Curtis, Herald; Mrs. A. Williams, Guard; William King, Sent. Meetings are held every Friday night. The membership is 125.

Titusville Branch, No. 1, C.U.B.A., was chartered June 1, 1879, with these officers: William Moran, Pres.; William Dillon, 1st V.P.; James Kennedy, 2d V.P.; Martin T. Carroll, Rec. Sec.; James Leslie, Asst. Rec. Sec.; D.D. Hughes, Fin. Sec.; John Theobald, Treas.; William H. Slattery, Marshal; Ephraim Robinson, Guard. Monday evening is the date of regular meetings; the membership is 107.

There are two Lodges of the Knights of Honor in Titusville. Petroleum Lodge, No. 462, was chartered with eighteen members October 12, 1877. It meets every Friday evening, and now has sixty-nine members. Silver Greek Lodge, No. 2,027, was organized February 4, 1880, but not chartered until August 27 following. It opened with thirty-six members, and now has fifty-five. Meetings are held every Tuesday evening.

Titusville Council, No. 109, Royal Arcanum, was chartered May 3, 1880, with twenty-one members, now increased to about sixty. It meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, and since institution has not lost a member by death.

Oil Creek Council, No. 767, American Legion of Honor, was chartered October 31, 1881, with twenty-nine members. Its first officers were M.B. Miller, Com.; E.T. Hall, V. Com. W.H. Burns, Sec.; William McGinnis, Col.; T.W. Main, Treas. The present membership is thirty-two; each alternate Thursday is the night of meeting.

St. Elmo Encampment, No. 28, Knights of St. John and Malta, was chartered August 9, 1880. It is still in a flourishing condition, and meets in the Odd Fellows’ Hall.

Titusville Council, No. 28, American Legion of Honor, was chartered December 1, 1880, with twenty-five members. It meets in the C.M.B.A. Hall.

Formosa Lodge, No. 166, K. and L. of H., was chartered September 15, 1879, with twenty-five members. It has now forty-two members, and meets each alternate Tuesday.

Eureka Encampment, Guardian Knights, was organized with nineteen members November 2, 1881. It is yet active and meets in the hall of the Red Men.

Here are also the meetings of the Deutscher Order der Harugari are held. The order is in a prosperous state.

Simon Lodge, No. 81, B’nai Brith, was organized October 17, 1866. It has fifty-six members and meets each alternate Sunday.

Alexander Lodge, No. 48, O.K.S.B., was organized July 26, 1871. It now has thirty-four members and meets each alternate Sunday.

Hiram Lodge, No. 46, O.K.S.B., was organized July 25, 1871. It also holds regular meetings each alternate Sunday, and now has about thirty-eight members.

Titusville City Lodge, No. 90, Free Sons of Israel has also existence in the city.

Fosterlandet Temple, No. 9, Scandinavian Order of Templars, a temperance organization, was formed May 20, 1883, with fourteen members and now has twenty-two. It meets every Friday night.

Oil Creek Orange, No. 300, P. of H., was chartered November 23, 1874, and meets in the hall of the Red Men.

St. Joseph’s Verein, a benevolence association, auxiliary to the German Catholic Church, was organized in 1872 with about forty members. It meets monthly.

Pioneer Lodge, No. 138, Royal Orange, was organized in 1866 with more than 100 members, now reduced to fifty-six. It meets each alternate Wednesday.

Several lodges have been established here, which are now defunct, among them two lodges of the Ancient Forresters and one of Catholic Knights.

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