David Gehr - Hayfield Township


I'm looking for information of the following but mainly looking for the burial spots of:

My 4th great grandfather, David Gehr (1773 - 8/26/1843). He was the son of Captian Joseph C Gehr and Anna Marie Clipps (1738 -1831). Married Maria Barbara "Mary" Wohlgemuth in 1798 at Mount Joy, Lancaster County and moved to Crawford County (Hayfield Twp) around 1800.

Maria Barbara "Mary" Wohlgemuth Gehr (1777 - ?). She was born to Abraham Wohlgemuth, Jr (1742 - 1785) and Catharine Shaffer (1747 - 1825) in Mount Joy, Lancaster County. She moved with her husband and children to Crawford County (Hayfield Twp) around 1800.

Captain Joseph C Gehr (1737 - 1797) lived in Crawford County but died in Somerset County, PA

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