Getting Started

About registering, adding information and a few other things you may - or may not - need to know.

Not Registered. You can browse and look at all of the information on the site with out "being registered"
Registered. Registration is simply selecting a user name (of your choice) and providing an email address so that folks can contact you. Once you register a link will be sent to your email address.  Click on the link.  It will take you to a page on the site where you can put in a password (of your choice).  Click submit - and you're done.  Use the box in the lower part of the left side bar to log in or the link to register. 
Log In. When you come back to visit the site again, you'll need to log in with you're user name and password.   When you're logged in, your user name will appear near the top of the left hand column.  (If you're not logged in, it reads "Navigation")
Add Information. Once you're registered - and logged in - you can add all kinds of information to the site - surnames, obituaries, heroes, graves, etc. Get more information.
User Name Exists. You may already have a user name.  In transferring data from the old part of the site, we created user names.  Click on "request new password" and a link will be sent to the email address listed on the site.  If the email address is old, contact me - and I'll change your address in the system.
My Account. When you're logged in, click on "My Account", "Track" will show you a list of items you've submitted; "Contact" will let you change you email address. "Edit" will let you change your user name.  (Please, don't change your user name - until we have all of your information moved from the old section of the site - Can you move your own information from the old site to the new site? yes).
Adding Information.  The "add" forms almost all work the same way.  Add the information, figure out what sections it should go in, then click submit.  If you want to add a photo (drawing, map, etc) to the information, add it after you have created the page with the information.  Click on "images" under the title of the page you just added.  "Description" is words that will display when someone runs a mouse over the image, otherwise it won't be visible.

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